Xiaomi Mi Service Center in Jammu , Jammu & Kashmir | Redmi Mi Authorized Mobile Service Center

Xiaomi Redmi Mi Authorized Service Center in  Jammu , Jammu & Kashmir   | Xiaomi Redmi Mi Service Center in  Jammu , Jammu & Kashm... thumbnail 1 summary

Xiaomi Redmi Mi Authorized Service Center in Jammu , Jammu & Kashmir  | Xiaomi Redmi Mi Service Center in Jammu , Jammu & Kashmir

 | रेडमी एम आई ऑथॉरिज़ेड सर्विस सेण्टर

About Xiaomi Redmi Mi: As we know that the Xiaomi Redmi Mi company is a chinese company and Lei Jun is a founder member of that company. They started company on 2010 through manufactures in various electronic equipment. After some year they start manufactures high-tech mobile phones with extraordinary features. The main objective of this company is that to serve high technology mobile with cheapest rate. With that motivation they starts sell their electronic gadgets at various eCommerce platform and now they secure 5th position among largest selling company around the world.

                   They manufactures and sell various mobile phone and various consumer electronic gadgets like Smart Phones, Tablet, Laptop, Mi Power Bank 20000 mAh, Mi Band,, Mi In-Ear Headphones , Mi Bluetooth Speaker , Air Purifier Bundle, Mi VR Play, LED Light, Mi Router 3C, Mi Wi-Fi Repeater 2, Charger + USB Cable, India Standard Adapter. If you face any problems in your Xiaomi Redmi Mi equipment's like new software updating, flashing, earphone, sound, factory reset, breaking, charger, charging cable, cable detecting, software, updating, mic, dead mobile, contact copying, to be wet through water,  speaker, memory, display breaking,  battery charging, display not working, touch, extra heating, battery, etc. For the same Xiaomi Redmi Mi company gave authorization to open market to open Xiaomi Redmi Mi authorized service center in Jammu , Jammu & Kashmir
 for resolving these technical problems (issue). In this article we are going to share Xiaomi Redmi Mi service centre name, Address, Email, Toll free number, Contact number, timing, website name etc.

  • If you are going to Xiaomi Redmi mi Authorized service center than you have to bring mobile Bill with an identity proof along with Xiaomi Redmi Mi mobile; when your mobile is in the warranty period otherwise just keep your identity proof. 

Xiaomi Redmi Mi Authorized Service Center in Jammu , Jammu & Kashmir

Xiaomi Redmi Mi Mobile Customer Care : Helpline Number & Toll Free Number 1800 103 6286

Xiaomi Redmi Mi Service Center in Jammu , Jammu & Kashmir

 Psv Solutions
Address: Ist Floor Ext-7 Near Dogra Higher Secondary School Shastri Nagar Jammu 180004
Contact Number:  0191-2452247
Timing: 10 AM TO 6 PM
जैसा की हम जानते है की Xiaomi Redmi Mi एक Chinese कंपनी है जिनके संस्थापक Lei Jun है तथा इसका हेडक्वार्टर बीजिंग में मौजूद है. 
यह कंपनी अप्रैल २०१० में बनी और आज दुनिया की टॉप ५ स्मार्टफोन  कंपनी में अपनी जगह बना ली है.  यह कंपनी अपनी स्पेशल डिजाइनिंग एवं टेक्नोलॉजी  पर काफी सस्ते रेट रेट में मोबाइल और अलग गजेट बना रही है जो काफी सस्ते, हाइली फीचर्ड और अच्छे  दिखने में है. यह भारत में वर्ष २०१४ में अपने मोबाइल को  सेल  करने के लिए आयी जिसका उसे काफी रिस्पांस मिला और आज पुरे देश में लगभग 3M मोबाइल्स बेच चुकी है. इसी रिस्पांस को देखते हुए  सर्विस सेण्टर खोले जहा पर आप इन Xiaomi Redmi Mi मोबाइल्स को सही करवा सकते है. 
The company manufactures various Xiaomi Redmi Mi mobile series like Redmi 1, Rdmi 2, Note, Prime, Mi Max, etc and In the Xiaomi Redmi Mi mobile series it has various colors option present in the mobile phones like Metallic Grey, Gray, Black, Gold, Silver. 

It has following models available in the market: Redmi 3S (16 GB), Redmi 2 Prime (16 GB),  Redmi 3S Prime (32 GB), Redmi 3S Prime (32 GB), Redmi Note 3 (16 GB), Redmi Note 4 (32 GB), Redmi Note 4 (32 GB), Redmi Note 4 (64 GB), Mi 3 ( 16 GB), Mi Max (32 GB), Mi Max 2 (64 GB), Redmi 1S, Redmi 2s etc.

We are also giving list of latest Xiaomi Redmi Mi phone with price list:

Latest Xioami Redmi Mi Mobile Models
Price in India
Customer Rating
Redmi 3S (16 GB)
Redmi 2 Prime (16 GB)
Redmi 3S Prime (32 GB)
Redmi 3S Prime (32 GB)
Redmi Note 3 (16 GB)
Redmi Note 4 (32 GB)
Redmi Note 4 (32 GB)
Redmi Note 4 (64 GB)
Mi 3 ( 16 GB)
Mi Max (32 GB)
Mi Max 2 (64 GB)
The company manufactures various electronic consumer items; we also providing name of Xiaomi Redmi Mi gadgets with their specification and price in India:
Xioami Redmi Mi Gadgets
Price in India
Mi Power Bank 20000 mAh
Two-way fast charging |14.1mm thin|High density batteries|Nine layers of circuit chip protection
Mi Band
Time to step up

OLED displayTouch buttonAll-new designImproved pedometer algorithm
Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD
Every great story comes with great music
Dual dynamic + balanced armature drivers
Natural sound equalizer
Graphene diaphragm, 25-step process
Stretchable matte wiring

Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic Matte Black
Mi Bluetooth Speaker Mini
Small carries a tune
Full metal casing | Built-in microphone | Comes with a lanyard hole
Air Purifier Bundle

Mi Headphones Comfort
RELEVANCE Redmi Note 4 4+64
Mi VR Play
Virtually anything is possible
Works with Google Cardboard | Immersive experience
Two-way zip | Lightweight Lycra | Fits 11.5 cm (4.7) - 14.5 cm (5.7) phones
*Mi VR Play follows Google's recommendation that cardboard device
designs do not include a head strap.
LED Light Prime Blue
Mi Router 3C
Smarter router, faster Wi-Fi
4 high-performance antennas
300Mbps speed, 80m Wi-Fi range
Mi Wi-Fi app (Android and iOS compatible)

Mi Wi-Fi Repeater 2
Charger + USB Cable
India Standard Adapter 5V 2A

Official site: http://www.mi.com/in

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